Don't fret; coming soon

Tell me, do any of you have so many to-do lists you can hardly keep track of them all? If so we're in good company, because I'm forever consolidating my endless lists. I'll find one from a few days prior with almost all the items crossed off, but one or two stubborn things yet to be completed, and on they go, to my current list (that already had enough items, thank you). Then I also have multiple lists that vary in urgency: the short-term versus long-term tasks that need to be separated out so that I can prioritize time when I find myself asking, "How in the world am I going to avoid being completely behind in every area of my life?" Sometimes I'll even make "wouldn't-it-be-nice-if-I-were-productive-enough-to-get-all-these-things-completed" lists that I know are unrealistic and that I have no intention of doing in one short time frame. 

This blog has been on one of those items on a looooong-term to do list... Something I knew I needed to just sit down and pound out. But when you aren't as tech-savvy enough to, you know, write your own code for the exact blog of your dreams, and you annoy yourself with your own perfectionism... things tend to delay a bit.

Despite much delay and too many transferred lists, I'm thrilled to announce that this long-awaited (at least on my end) blog is coming soon, and I can't wait to start semi-regularly sharing some current work and pretty things I'm making here, especially since the layout is SOOO much friendlier to photo quality (thanks, Facebook! You really spurred me on towards getting this done).