Mal & Kelly | Engaged

These two friends are near and dear to my heart, and I couldn't be more excited about the fact that in less than one month, they will become one. 

During this lifestyle engagement shoot, we hiked up through some very wet and chilly drizzle to Heybrook Lookout, Washington. We couldn't see much through the floating fog, but we managed to have some fun and even swung by a pretty spot by the river on our way home.

Kelly, Mal, love you both. 


Rachel & Adam Preview

Also more coming soon... a wonderful story and some photos on the beach (and the ice caves!). Do not miss the gorgeous video at the end of the post that my husband, Daniel, sneakily shot while I obliviously took Adam and Rachel's portraits at Cannon Beach. He captured some really wonderful moments-- I wish he could come along to all my shoots! 

Stay tuned. Lots of PNW beauty to share coming up.

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Created by Daniel Lyon

Music by the talented Caleb Groh