Photos of Photographers

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting together with a couple fellow photographers, Noelle Johnson and Julia Manchik. We grabbed coffee and chatted about all sorts of wonderful things: marriage, relationships, business, lip balm... and then we set out to explore an area of Seattle none of us had ever been to before.

Shooting without having to worry about getting any specific shots to deliver was delightfully freeing, and we just had fun experimenting, wrapping each other up in vines and sitting on pretty petal-laden (though frightfully wet and muddy) steps... I have many lovely photos that I love-- it helps when the girls you're photographing happen to be naturally gorgeous-- but here are just a couple favorites for now. 



Rachel & Adam Preview

Also more coming soon... a wonderful story and some photos on the beach (and the ice caves!). Do not miss the gorgeous video at the end of the post that my husband, Daniel, sneakily shot while I obliviously took Adam and Rachel's portraits at Cannon Beach. He captured some really wonderful moments-- I wish he could come along to all my shoots! 

Stay tuned. Lots of PNW beauty to share coming up.

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